Communism tour

Communism tour

We will pick you up from the hotel in our original socialist-style van of historical value, i.e. Nysa 522.

We will take you for a unique trip through the legacy of the Polish socialism.

Not only will we see the places connected with it, but we will experience them as well!

We will start with the first square ever to be built especially for the working class- the Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji). Here you will feel the propaganda of the socialist era. Next we will go towards the seat of the Ministry of Agriculture, where you will have a chance to get to know the utopian plans of the post-war city reconstruction.

Our next stop will be the Palace of Culture and Science – the gift from “Uncle” Stalin will reveal its secrets for you.

We will not miss the very heart of socialism, i.e. the old seat of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party (in Polish: “Dom Partii” – “The House of the Party”).

On the way you will see a typical housing estate.

In the end we visit our Museum of Communist life in Praga district. Here you will experience a flat furnished in the socialistic style, communist party member office, shop, bar and street from the epoque. You will see how people used to live and watch the propaganda movies of the 1950s. We also kindly invite you for a typical aperitif. 

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